Importing Locations into EZRentOut – Equipment Rental Software

Online Rental Software

Equipment rental software can help you quickly make sense of all the locations and sublocations associated with your rental equipment. You can import all these helpful details into EZRentOut using our handy import wizard.


Importing New Locations
Updating Existing Locations
Importing Sublocations

Before you start, it would be helpful to go through this quick guide on importing basics.

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Types of Customer Alerts and Equipment Rental Software

equipment rental software

With our equipment rental software, you can manage alerts for customers by subscribing to events or actions related to their orders that generate emails.

Alerts and Customers

All customers whose email IDs are recorded in the system in Customers’ listing page and have ‘Send customer email alerts’ option enabled under ‘Contact Information’ in Customer details page, will receive email alerts subscribed by the admins. Customers will receive emails based on an admin’s selected actions of interest, for example, order rent out, booked by the customer, etc. Customers will receive emails for actions they’re involved in. Continue reading

5 Ways to Make it Big with Party Rental Software

rental softwareWhy Businesses Need Party Rental Software

With businesses and households holding more and more events each year, the revenue from party rentals is predicted to grow. With an annual revenue of around 5 billion, there are no dominant market leaders in the party rental industry. What this essentially means is that there is lots of room for businesses to grow and become industry leaders – but there is also heavy competition among existing players vying for that top spot. Party rental businesses need to do everything they can to optimize their rental processes, cut costs and plan for growth. Continue reading

User Alerts and Rental Management Software

rental management software

With our rental management softwaremanage alerts by subscribing to events or actions related to orders that generate emails, or switch to a daily digest of alerts to ensure that all information reaches interested parties.

1) Alerts and Users
2) Custom Notifications and Newsletters
3) Types of Alerts
Alerts for Orders
Alerts for Bookings
Alerts for Services and Preventive Maintenance
Alerts for Items
4) Group and Location based Notifications
5) Time for Alerts
6) Send Email Alerts using your Company URL


All confirmed users receive emails based on their selected actions of interest, for example, order rent out, booking, etc. Staff users receive emails they’ve subscribed to only when they’re involved in the action, while administrators receive emails for all actions across the company. Continue reading

Integrating Rental Management Software with Authorize.Net

rental management softwareWe enable our customers to advertise their rental items online on a customizable web store. Our customers can also manage payments by charging customer credit cards. We aim to give you the best Point of Sale for your rental business using our rental management software.

In order to quickly process online payments through credit card, EZRentOut integrates with, Payflow, Stripe and Moneris (Beta). This blog will detail how you can charge payments in EZRentOut using Continue reading

What makes the best online rental software?

Best Online Rental Software

The best online rental software for your rental business

Rental businesses can be difficult to run. There are so many concerns that need to be met with diligence and efficiency. Trying to work out rental trends, off-season pricing, ensuring your equipment is in top shape, and trying to carve out a space for yourself in the burgeoning industry are all tough jobs to handle.

With so many cloud computing options available, rental business owners can often get confused about which rental software features they should be prioritizing in order to give themselves the best chance of success. Below, we’ll outline some major features you should be on the lookout for when shopping for the best online rental software. These will not only help you lower overheads and increase efficiency, but will also open up a lot more time for you so you can focus on being the best rental store around!

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Sending Emails from EZRentOut – Equipment Rental Software

equipment rental software

Equipment rental software isn’t just about managing equipment, but should also help you manage your customers effectively. A system that enables you to communicate quickly and easily with your customers can therefore be a great advantage, especially as response times are particularly important for the rental industry.

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Item Reports in EZRentOut – Equipment Rental Software

online rental software

EZRentOut’s equipment rental software enhances your business decisions by helping you make sense of complex asset management data. Using our in-depth reports and analytics, you can understand financial trends, maintenance needs and rental volume. Our online rental software also helps you schedule conflict-free reservation, and to tweak and filter report data to get exactly the information you need.

Item reports in EZRentOut can help you optimize equipment performance by detailing information about item utilization, events, and quantities. Let’s take a look at the kind of item reports you can create, and how they’ll help you add value to your rental business.


assets equipment rental softwareAvailable Assets: List all available assets. This list can be filtered by group, vendor, date of creation and stock location.
Example: ‘Detail the number of assets available from the group ‘Digital Equipment’ and the subgroup ‘Hand-Held Devices’.

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Dashboard Calendar in EZRentOut – Complete Equipment Rental Software

equipment rental softwareYou can use the Dashboard Calendar to keep track of all ongoing events, order assignments, active orders, and have a bird’s eye view of equipment rentals and operational workflows.


The top of the dashboard displays the count of the following sections of equipment rental management in EZRentOut, explained in subsequent sections:  

  • Orders which are overdue
  • Orders which are due on the current date
  • Active Orders assigned to the users
  • Worth of Orders (Completed, rented out, booked, etc) in ‘–’ days.

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Rental Rules and Coupons in EZRentOut – Equipment Rental Software

equipment rental softwareYou can use our equipment rental software to create rental rules and coupons for flexible pricing. This can help you process orders with minimal effort each time. Here’s an example of some of many scenarios you can tackle with our rental rules and coupons:

  • Offer seasonal discounts each year.
  • Let Premium customers add a discounted coupon to their order.
  • Charge extra for rush hour rentals.
  • Offer $30 off each order over $500.
  • $20 extra charge for all items currently in Baltimore.

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