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Most rental companies house a lot of assets for steady business. Keeping track of these assets is tough, and sorting them out for deliveries and maintenance even tougher. For this purpose, having a uniform method of identification helps companies manage their rental assets more efficiently. EZRentOut allows you to print unique labels for all of your assets. Let’s see how. Continue reading

The Benefits of Having an Online Rental Webstore

Rental webstore

With online buyers hitting 1.6 billion by the end of 2017, rental businesses have quickly embraced the e-commerce platform. With a rental webstore, clients have an accessible, cost-effective and convenient alternative for renting. E-commerce sales keep increasing every year and a majority of buyers now prefer buying online over having to make a long trip to the store.

If you want to increase profit margins, reduce business operating costs and increase your sales, build your online presence and start an online rental store right now! Moving your data to the cloud provides access to real-time and accurate data and makes it easier to set up a webstore as well. Let’s see how an online rental store can benefit your business. Continue reading

Equipment Rental Management Software: Top Features and Benefits

equipment rental management software

Your rentals are the most important asset of your business and the key to maximizing your revenue. Losing track of rental inventory, letting maintenance lapse or having a disorganized booking system only leads to dwindling business. Managing rental inventory, equipment maintenance, bookings, payments, and schedules can be a handful without efficient systems in place. Software solutions like an equipment rental management software can help automate processes and monitor business workflows effectively. Continue reading

Setting up Multi-Store Listings in EZRentOut

multi-store listingsEZRentOut caters to companies of all sizes, from small businesses to big retail houses. As these businesses grow, customers, employees, and departments increase as well. There is a need to enforce group-based access control to better manage asset visibility and utilization within the organization. There can be two ways to achieve this:

  1. Have separate accounts: Create separate accounts when each department and its employees are independent, or when you have multiple stores and its customers have different buying habits. For every account, you can have different policy settings and run independent reports. This works well when there is no sharing of items or employees across departments, or regions when retail companies are involved.
  2. Utilize Multi-Store Listings feature: This feature allows management of departments, multiple stores, and divisions from a single EZRentOut account. Keeping a single account enables aggregate reporting and a single consistent setting across all departments and stores.

If you’re interested in utilizing this feature, go to Settings → Company Settings → Policy → Enable Multistore Settings. Now save your settings. This will allow you to create item listings available for different customers and users. Continue reading

Integrating the EZRentOut Webstore into Your Main Website

EZRentOut Webstore Integration (1)

So you’ve started to use the EZRentOut Webstore. It’s user-friendly, easy to set up, and helps you save a lot of time processing rental equipment, invoices, and reports.

But you already have a well established website that customers have been familiar with for some time. You’d like some consistency between this site and the EZRentOut Webstore. This guide will show you how to achieve that, so customers always feel like they’re with a brand they trust. If you don’t have an existing website, you can instead learn how to set up a Webstore in EZRentOut. 

But for now, here’s how to integrate the Webstore into your website in 5 easy steps: Continue reading

Here’s Why You Need Rental Reservation Software

rental reservation software

The need for a rental reservation software

The Internet has drastically changed the way we deal with customers and do business. Rental businesses are no different. In fact, they can often be a lot more complicated because they involve reservations and bookings.

Think about the manual booking process for a moment. A customer calls you, and you check your calendar and write down the reservation date they suggest. You can double-check if you have any reservation clashes, and then confirm the rental period with the customer. In case of changes, you need to call the customer and go through the whole process again. No matter how efficient your staff is, you are still losing time and even losing potential customers.

An online rental reservation software is a much safer, faster and  convenient way of managing your reservations and bookings. The rental reservation software aims at streamlining and simplifying the booking procedure through automation and other tools. It enables you to keep things running productively, efficiently and smoothly. If your products and services can be reserved, rented or booked, then rental reservation software is a must-have solution for you. Continue reading

A Quick Guide on Filing Rental Sales Tax

Rental Sales Tax

The Basics

Rentals are treated much the same way as sales in the US, meaning they are subject to sales tax. However, there are quite a few types of taxes that constitute the complete rental sales tax applicable on a piece of equipment. These include the state, city, county, transit and special purpose district sales taxes. The most prominent variation lies in state tax laws, with some charging no sales tax, and others charging as high a tax as 7.3%. Because of the complexity of the matter, several subtleties need to be taken into consideration on the matter of taxing equipment rentals.

Sales taxes vary depending on state and locality:

The US has about 11,000 different taxing agencies, which is indicative of how diverse taxation laws are across the republic. This myriad of legislatures means that businesses need to have a thorough understanding of the rules for all the different cities and states that they operate in. Different states, with the exception of 5, levy different state, city, and county taxes. The applicable total is the culmination of these three different figures, going as high as 10.25% (specifically in Chicago, Illinois and Long Beach, California). Continue reading

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Video Camera Rental Software

video camera rental softwareWhether you are renting out your video cameras to a concert or corporate gala event, there’s always a risk involved in them being lost or stolen. As a result, you risk losing a lot of money by renting them out without a proper tracking system in place. With an automated video camera rental software, you can manage all your reservations, contracts and customers from a centralized space. In addition to this, the rental solution unifies your back-office inventory, accounting, and financial management processes and helps streamline your workflows. Continue reading