Integrating the EZRentOut Webstore into Your Main Website

EZRentOut Webstore Integration (1)

So you’ve started to use the EZRentOut Webstore. It’s user-friendly, easy to set up, and helps you save a lot of time processing rental equipment, invoices, and reports.

But you already have a well established website that customers have been familiar with for some time. You’d like some consistency between this site and the EZRentOut Webstore. This guide will show you how to achieve that, so customers always feel like they’re with a brand they trust. If you don’t have an existing website, you can instead learn how to set up a Webstore in EZRentOut. 

But for now, here’s how to integrate the Webstore into your website in 5 easy steps: Continue reading

Here’s Why You Need Rental Reservation Software

rental reservation software

The need for a rental reservation software

The Internet has drastically changed the way we deal with customers and do business. Rental businesses are no different. In fact, they can often be a lot more complicated because they involve reservations and bookings.

Think about the manual booking process for a moment. A customer calls you, and you check your calendar and write down the reservation date they suggest. You can double-check if you have any reservation clashes, and then confirm the rental period with the customer. In case of changes, you need to call the customer and go through the whole process again. No matter how efficient your staff is, you are still losing time and even losing potential customers.

An online rental reservation software is a much safer, faster and  convenient way of managing your reservations and bookings. The rental reservation software aims at streamlining and simplifying the booking procedure through automation and other tools. It enables you to keep things running productively, efficiently and smoothly. If your products and services can be reserved, rented or booked, then rental reservation software is a must-have solution for you. Continue reading

A Quick Guide on Filing Rental Sales Tax

Rental Sales Tax

The Basics

Rentals are treated much the same way as sales in the US, meaning they are subject to sales tax. However, there are quite a few types of taxes that constitute the complete rental sales tax applicable on a piece of equipment. These include the state, city, county, transit and special purpose district sales taxes. The most prominent variation lies in state tax laws, with some charging no sales tax, and others charging as high a tax as 7.3%. Because of the complexity of the matter, several subtleties need to be taken into consideration on the matter of taxing equipment rentals.

Sales taxes vary depending on state and locality:

The US has about 11,000 different taxing agencies, which is indicative of how diverse taxation laws are across the republic. This myriad of legislatures means that businesses need to have a thorough understanding of the rules for all the different cities and states that they operate in. Different states, with the exception of 5, levy different state, city, and county taxes. The applicable total is the culmination of these three different figures, going as high as 10.25% (specifically in Chicago, Illinois and Long Beach, California). Continue reading

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Video Camera Rental Software

video camera rental softwareWhether you are renting out your video cameras to a concert or corporate gala event, there’s always a risk involved in them being lost or stolen. As a result, you risk losing a lot of money by renting them out without a proper tracking system in place. With an automated video camera rental software, you can manage all your reservations, contracts and customers from a centralized space. In addition to this, the rental solution unifies your back-office inventory, accounting, and financial management processes and helps streamline your workflows. Continue reading

How To Make DJ Equipment Rental Software Useful For Your Business?

dj equipment rental softwareWhy use DJ equipment rental software for your business?

It can be a challenge for DJ equipment rental companies to track their fleet of DJ equipment. These may include speakers, mics, lighting kits, mirror balls, party speaker systems, DJ mixers, DJ controllers, power cables, and heavy-duty speaker stands. The DJ equipment rental industry is growing at a fast pace with high demand for rental services. The rental companies need to adapt to changing market trends. They need to work harder to complement this growth and meet customer needs. Fortunately, a DJ equipment rental software makes the task of equipment management easier by helping you keep an accurate track of your rental fleet from acquisition to disposal.

A DJ equipment rental software not only manages the equipment lifecycle but also takes into account other key areas of your equipment rental business like customer service, planning, scheduling, inventory management, reporting, and others. The software solution helps businesses optimize efficiency and enhance productivity across their rental business. Continue reading

The Comprehensive Rental Software Guide

rental software

The landscape of rental companies is continuously shifting. This means your rental company should be able to react and adapt instantly to an ever-changing environment. Rental operations must be managed with precision every step of the way. Small or mid-sized, all rental companies require solutions that solve some common underlying challenges. These can be problems related to the availability of rental inventory, poor customer ratings, and motivation issues with their staff. This is where the rental software steps in, offering you the agility required to become a market leader.

What is Rental Software?

The main aim of business technology is to improve upon outdated processes. The same can be said for rental software. It can pitch in as an effective tool for both small and mid-sized business, helping them optimize their rental operations. It lets you make reservations, schedule tasks, track orders, instantly look up information, and so much more! Continue reading

25 Key Rental Business Lessons for Owners

Rental business lessonsSo you think you might need some rental business lessons, and you’re probably right. Rental businesses are witnessing a boom all across the globe. Of course, renting an item is cheaper than purchasing it, but the preference for renting goes deeper. Millennials tend to value experiences over ownership, and they also seem to have an insatiable demand for up-to-date products. Consequently, the rental industry continues to expand despite the cut-throat competition it faces. In such a setup, it is imperative for rental business owners to both distinguish themselves from the competition, and also feed this renewed interest in the rental sphere. For this purpose,  referring to some principal rental business lessons can prove extremely helpful.  Continue reading

What is a Party Rental Software?

Party rental softwareRental inventory is the single biggest investment of any rental business and the prime source to boost your ROI. It demands continuous attention in order to maximize its earning power. Managing a party rental company requires handling large quantities of party items like tableware and furniture, along with tracking valuable items like flooring, stages, tents and party speakers. That is where the party rental software comes in – letting you help your clients throw a birthday party for twenty-five people, a reception for a hundred or festival for a thousand.

The party rental software solution streamlines and simplifies the process. It lets you easily manage all aspects of your rental business. You can do it all and more like scheduling an order, making reservations, drafting price quotes, managing customers, conducting extensive reports, and emailing the invoices.

Let’s get to know more about what more a party rental software entails! Continue reading

6 Ways AV Rental Software Can Streamline Your Rental Workflows

av rental software

In an industry that revolves strongly around the movement of goods, it is very important that all your rental data is accessible from any location and device. This is why instant access is key for the AV industry, whether you’re taking orders or shipping items from a warehouse. You also need to know the status of all your audio visual equipment. This includes details on items in stock, items due for repair, and shelved inventory to maximize utilization. That’s where AV rental software comes in, streamlining every stage of the rental cycle and enabling you to deliver to your customers exactly what you promise.

Whether you own a camera rental business, or a shop renting out AV accessories, it is important that you know the best ways to maximize efficiency. Below, we highlight the benefits of moving from inefficient and outdated rental processes to one centralized rental platform in the form of audio visual rental software. Continue reading