Consolidated Invoices in EZRentOut

By default, all invoicing on EZRentOut is done for single orders. However, certain businesses may prefer receiving a singular invoice for all their orders. This simplifies order referencing and is possible with EZRentOut’s consolidated invoices.

Generate consolidated printouts for multiple orders – be it a recurring order or a business or customer order.

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Tracking Safety Equipment Rentals with Online Rental Software

Tracking safety equipment rentals with online rental software

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous fields to work in. In fact, around 20% of industry worker fatalities occur in this sector. Coupled with this, it also incurs losses worth millions of dollars from several non-fatal injuries.

This is why safety is so important in construction. While it comes at a cost, the price of negligence is far greater; a single violation of any safety precautions defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) can cost you up to $70,000.

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Streamline Rental Orders with Item Recommendations For Orders

Item Recommendations for Orders in EZRentOut

The Orders Module in EZRentOut empowers you to stay on top of your jobs and events by greatly simplifying the rental process. It enables you to rent out related items in bulk for multiple projects, thereby saving you time.

We have enhanced our Orders module by introducing Item Recommendations for Orders. This feature uses artificial intelligence to identify items that are normally rented out together. It highlights any missing equipment that you may find useful for specific business activity.

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Rental Challenges in the Education Industry And How To Solve Them

Rental Challenges in the Education Industry

In 2017, the US education industry was valued at $1,350 billion and is expected to reach approximately $2,040 billion by 2026. With a CAGR of more than 4.5%, the education sector continues growing at an exponential rate.

A growing student body means more and more inventory to provide for them. This naturally means it is becoming increasingly difficult for the education industry to manage an ever-growing inventory. These struggles, however, are not limited to inventory only. They also extend to several other problems as well.

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Rental Challenges in the Audio Visual Industry And How To Solve Them

Key Rental Challenges in the Audio Visual Industry

The global Audio Visual (AV) industry is set to grow from $247 billion in 2019 to a staggering $325 billion in 2024. AV rentals constitute a significant chunk of this industry and play an important role in its growth as well. Audio Visual equipment is typically found across several sectors, from media and production houses to educational institutes renting out items to students.

With constantly advancing technology and increasing equipment prices in the Audio Visual industry, many people are now opting to rent out cameras and tripods, etc. This is why AV rental stores have also become more prevalent.

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The Ultimate 12-Step Guide To Launching A Ski Rental Business

Guide to success for your ski rental business

Once upon a time, only beginners rented skis. However, with rapid improvements in skiing equipment and the rising cost of winter vacations, even the most professional skiers now choose to rent on site.

As a result of this shift from buying to renting, the ski rental industry in the US has consistently been growing at an annual rate of 0.5%. So if you’re looking for a start-up and are passionate about skiing, a ski rental business is the one for you.

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Tracking Order Expenses in EZRentOut

Tracking Order Expenses

When placing orders in EZRentOut, users might want to maintain an overview of expenses against each order. They can do so with the Order Expenses Add On. This Add On allows users to list all the costs incurred in preparing and dispatching the order, i.e. getting it to completion.

For example, before dispatching an order for 30 chairs, you find out that the chairs need repair. So you send them out for maintenance to ready the order for dispatch. You can add these maintenance costs to your expense log to keep an eye on the total amount you’re spending.

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Integrating Google Analytics and Tag Manager with Your EZRentOut Webstore

Integrating Google Analytics and Tag Manager with Your EZRentOut Webstore

Setting up an online store is difficult but you’re wasting your developmental hours if you aren’t tracking how customers interact with your store. Are customers able to find everything they need, are they leaving the page without renting items out, is the payment processing user-friendly – all these are important questions about your store and directly impact your online revenue.

Luckily, you can answer these questions and others by integrating Google Analytics with your EZRentOut Webstore. This integration enables you to study and understand customer behavior so you can continually enhance online renting for them.

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