Whitepaper: Executing Education Rental Management Workflows

education rental management

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This whitepaper discusses the difficulties prevalent in the education equipment rental industry, and how equipment rental software features designed for academic institutes can help you overcome them. We will also visit some education equipment rental workflows that are most used by EZRentOut Customers to improve Inventory and Order management.
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The Ultimate 14-Step Guide To Launching A Costume Rental Business

Ultimate guide to launch a costume rental business

The costume rental business is part of a continuously flourishing industry that presents many opportunities for growth. The reason for this is simple: Why would anyone want to buy an expensive costume that they’ll wear only once?

There will always be a need to rent out outfits since people don’t want to purchase costumes that they will only wear once. So if you’re looking to venture into something lucrative, a costume rental business is perfect for you. Not only is it an amazing startup idea, but it’s also fun!

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EZRentOut Webstore Plugin: Learn How To Link Your Online Store With Your Rental Data

webstore plugin

With online buyers expected to shoot up to 1.92 billion in 2019, businesses still behind on the e-commerce front are simply letting massive revenue pass them by.

Modern equipment rental businesses feature online stores that offer convenient rentals anywhere and at any time. While setting up a Webstore can often seem like a lot of development effort, configure the EZRentOut Webstore in minutes!

If, instead, you’re using a third-party online store for your rentals and managing orders with EZRentOut at the backend, here’s a convenient way to bring the two together.

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