6 Common Challenges Faced by Rental Businesses and How a Rental Software Can Help

The equipment rental market in the United States is expected to grow to $57.5 billion by the end of 2024. This means rental businesses can expect an increase in customer demand and profits. On the other hand, increasing demand can also hurt the potential of your rental business if manual methods are used to run day-to-day rental operations, resulting in more challenges than benefits.

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EZRentOut Outage – April 21, 2022

EZRentOut experienced an outage yesterday, April 21, from 3:38 to 4:13 pm CDT, caused by a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. All services were affected during this period but the issue was completely resolved.

Any interruption to our customers’ work is of the utmost importance to our team, and we regret any inconvenience this issue may have caused.

Please contact support@ezrentout.com with any questions.

6 Practical Tips on Procurement for Your Construction Rental Equipment Business

construction rental equipment

The United States construction industry is expected to grow by 8%  this year due to increased spending in the housing market as well as a hike in federal spending on infrastructure projects.  This means a rise in demand for construction rental equipment as your customers look to rent everything from heavy machinery to tools and supplies. 

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6 Effective Ways To Boost Your Sales With Event Rental Furniture Software

event rental furniture software

Fueled by multiple global trends, the furniture rental industry is growing at a rapid pace – a recent survey projected growth of 1.9X times over the next ten years and event rental furniture software helps streamline their operations

These trends include a  rising ‘transient’ living culture and an increasing number of people working from home. The transient lifestyle includes people on the go – sometimes traveling for work, moving towards a minimalist lifestyle, or inclined towards environmentally friendly options. 

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EZRentOut Feature Release Notes March 2022

The EZRentOut team rolled out some exciting new features and enhancements this quarter. The B2B customer management module simplifies rentals to businesses. In other updates, you can use a Quick Check-in button for faster and more efficient returns, charge rental rates based on how much as Asset was used, and add charts/graphs from Custom Reports directly to your Dashboard. 

Read the full notes for more details:

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6 Ways Ski Rental Software Can Help Your Business Ace the Peak Season

ski rental software

For a seasonal business like ski rentals, it is important to maximize the advantage of peak season. You need to ensure that you have plenty of equipment in stock and it is in great working condition to efficiently serve customers. Manually tracking a large volume of equipment that is being checked in and out frequently by employees who tend to be short-term workers can be tedious and prone to costly errors. 

This is where ski rental software can be a game-changer for your business. 

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Create an Effective Equipment Rental Marketing Plan: Here Are 5 Things to Include

equipment rental marketing plan

An effective equipment rental marketing plan includes strategies that are specifically designed to market your business to your target audience. It helps you acquire new customers and increases the loyalty of the existing base, propelling growth and increasing profits. 

A well-crafted marketing plan can guide you in the right direction to implement marketing goals and gain market share in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Here are some must-haves for an effective marketing plan: 

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5 Effective Ways to Benefit from Lawn and Garden Equipment Rental Software

Running a lawn and garden equipment rental business means you are providing equipment for all seasons to people with varying levels of expertise. Whether you are renting to contractors or DIYs, or both, project requirements can range from something as simple as mowing and trimming, installing an irrigation system, to implementing a complete landscaping plan.

From landscaping a new space to sprucing up a yard, renting the right equipment instead of purchasing it saves people money as well as the hassle of storing equipment. 

This is where lawn and garden equipment rental businesses step in and provide a variety of durable tools while offering ease and affordability. 

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6 Ways to Streamline Your Holiday Party Rentals and Do Great Business

holiday party rentals

Is your party rental business prepared to tackle the demand spike over the holiday season? As the year-end festivities and parties swing into full gear, an increasing number of customers will be looking for holiday party rentals.  

Offering great deals and discounts along with thoughtful customer service are important aspects of boosting holiday sales. At the same time, you need to ensure your equipment is in great shape and easily available for checkout online. 

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