5 Ways Rental Software Can Help You Streamline Stock Management Across Multiple Locations

Is your rental business operating across multiple locations? While stock management across multiple locations can offer many benefits such as a larger customer base and market, it also comes with a unique set of challenges.  

One key challenge is maintaining optimal stock levels of rental inventory at all your locations. It is necessary to increase stock levels when a business is growing into different markets. However, carrying too much stock ties up capital or running short on inventory means losing on sales and customers. A balanced inventory level helps you meet demand while also controlling costs for the business. 

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Apply Inventory Valuation Methods for Asset Stock and Inventory with EZRentOut

Inventory valuation is an accounting practice for companies to find out the value of unsold items at the end of the financial year. Inventory valuation methods help calculate the monetary value of remaining inventory, evaluate cost of goods sold and eventually affect your profitability. This is why it is important to choose the right inventory valuation method for your business. Within EZRentOut, you can use two options including:

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Localization in EZRentOut: Customized Settings for Your Region/Country

With EZRentOut customers spread across the globe, we aim to make it a seamless process for rental businesses to track their assets and manage their stores online. Our localization capability enables you to customize your EZRentOut account to suit your local requirements.

Whether you want to set a preferred time zone, select a language, or even create local tax details, you can easily customize the account according to your requirements.

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EZRentOut Feature Release Notes May 2021

The EZRentOut team rolled out some exciting new features and enhancements last quarter. The powerful new Tax Groups feature enables you to apply multiple taxes to an Order or line item. In other important updates, use Work Order Costs to seamlessly track costs associated with multiple tasks, and enable hardware terminals to simplify credit card payments. 

Read the complete May 2021 Release Notes to learn more.

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Here are 6 Reasons Your Portable Sanitation Business Can Benefit From a Rental Software

portable sanitation

Rapid urbanization,a globally expanding construction sector, and strict regulations about public hygiene/sanitation are instrumental in the rapid growth of the portable sanitation and toilet business.  

Efficiently delivered, managed, and installed portable sanitation facilities are an essential part of outdoor activities. From large-scale outdoor events to smaller personal gatherings, and projects such as a construction site, portable toilets and sanitation stalls provide an easy and hygienic solution. 

Depending on the nature of the event/job, your portable toilet and sanitation rental business can get an order for different types of installations. These can be primarily divided into: 

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Streamline Asset Stock/Inventory Management: Set Quantity Thresholds for Locations with EZRentOut

Businesses with multiple Locations may need to stock different Asset Stock and Inventory quantities depending on the requirements of that particular Location. 

EZRentOut makes it easy to manage these varying quantities with Location-based Thresholds. You can use this functionality to set a default minimum and maximum value or set custom thresholds for specific Locations. 

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Track Work Order Costs with EZRentOut

Work orders help in assigning tasks to be performed, specifying completion dates and other necessary instructions. Even though this benefits in assessing the performances of employees, it is also important to track Work Order Costs. This can help businesses flexibly calculate a particular cost incurred for each task. Managing multiple work order costs accurately can result in overall efficiency for your business. 

Automate your work order costs with EZRentOut. Let’s have a look at how you can implement this feature:

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5 Ways Sports Equipment Rental Software Gives Your Business a Competitive Advantage

Trying out a new sport is a great lifestyle choice but not always an affordable one. A family going on a ski vacation for example, needs a lot of expensive gear including skis, poles, and appropriate clothes/safety equipment.  Likewise biking, sailing, or camping can be expensive if people opt to buy the required equipment. Meanwhile, sports equipment rental software provides a more economical alternative for renting out equipment for short-term use.

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