Renting to Businesses Will Be Easier Than Ever With B2B Customer Management

B2B model

Renting to businesses? Get ready to try the upcoming Business to Business Customer Management feature, which is specially designed to simplify rentals to businesses.

Developed in response to customer needs, B2B Customer Management provides full visibility into your valuable business customers, enabling exceptional service. 

If you are renting and selling to businesses and already have business profiles set up in your account, operations will continue as usual, with new enhancements!

Here is what the new experience will look like

It all starts with the individual Customers associated with the business. These will become Business Contacts. The individual Customer’s personal information remains the same as before while business-level information will also become available to the Business as follows:

Personal information: Specific description of the individual will stay with the individual including Name, Identification No., Email, Phone Number, Fax, and Department. 

Business-level information: Reusable information will also become available to the overall business. Here are some examples: 

  • Credit Card Details: The credit card associated with the individual will also be available to the business and any other contacts in the business, as you so choose. 
  • Pricing: Likewise, pricing for the individual will also become available to the overall business. 
  • Orders: The individual’s prior Orders will now also be linked to the Business and be known as Business Orders. The individual will still be associated with the Orders as the authorized primary point of contact. 
  • All other information that will become available to the business includes the Contact’s Category, Custom Fields, Multi-Store Listing, and Payment Term. 

Excited about the new experience but haven’t set up businesses in your account? If you would like to move individual Customers into a Business, stay tuned for future enhancements coming soon.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the upcoming B2B Customer Management feature, please email us or call our support team at +1 888 623 8654. 

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