Using the Label Designer and third party (Avery) labels

EZRentOut enables you to create and edit labels using the Label Designer. To access this, go to More → Print Label Templates.

Print Label Templates

Here, you can edit or delete older templates by clicking the relevant icons in the last column. You can also create a new template by clicking on ‘Add Print Label Template’. This can be done for both items and bundles.

Before we get into that, let’s see what the Label Designer does:

  • State of the art, drag-and-drop based designer. Just grab the data box and move it to the canvas below.
  • The choice of inserting QRCodes, Barcodes or both on the label to use with our mobile device based scanning feature.
  • All of an asset’s pre-defined fields can be printed on the asset label.
  • Similarly, all custom attributes (text, date, paragraph) are available for printing on the asset label.
  • Apply rich formatting to data fields (by double-clicking on the field’s data box)
  • Insert free form text and easily apply styles like fonts, alignment, size, and rotation.
  • Ability to insert your company logo into the label.

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QR Code or Barcode – Issues, Practices and Recommendations

QRCode vs. Barcode
QR Code vs. Barcode

You may be wondering whether it’s better to use Barcodes or QR Codes for labeling assets. It all depends on the kind of functionality you want out of your asset labels. Below, we’ll take you through some of the trade-offs and best practices associated with both!


    • Have been widely used for some time.
    • Contain an alpha-numeric sequence.
  • Most assets come with manufacturer-issued Barcodes.

QR Codes:

    • A modern successor that is becoming increasingly popular.
    • Greater data storage capacity, and support for multiple data types.
  • Quick and reliable scanning for camera-based devices e.g. smartphones and tablets.

EZRentOut recommends using QR Codes. You can use our Label Designer to generate and print QR Code based labels. These contain a secure URL which can be scanned with any mobile scanning app, instantly taking you to the asset’s detail page.

As for barcodes, you can use both pre-existing ones or generate them anew using our Label Designer. To set up your system with barcodes, you’ll need to enter the Barcode’s sequence into the asset’s ‘Asset Identification Number’ (AIN) field. Please note that when using barcodes, asset look-up (via scanning) will only work with EZRentOut’s mobile app. This is why we believe QR codes offer a richer and more flexible solution to your asset labeling woes. You can download any QR Code scanning software for your mobile platform and it’ll integrate perfectly with our cloud-based offering! The difference in usability occurs because unlike a QR Code which contains a complete asset URL, a Barcode is just an alpha-numeric sequence. Therefore, the latter cannot be used to do a search with a third-party mobile app. Continue reading