Organizing Items by Groups in EZRentOut – leading Equipment Rental Software

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You can easily categorize and organize items in EZRentOut using groups. Another way to organize your assets using our equipment rental software is ‘by Location’. When creating groups to classify your assets, it is important to first understand how groups are used in our equipment rental software. Groups play a crucial role in setting up the following:

Creating a Group and Associating Items to it
Changing the Group of Multiple Items Simultaneously
Defining Depreciation Rate for Groups
Assigning Groups to Custom Fields
Sorting and Filtering Items by Group
– Sort Items by Group in the Item List View
– Filter Items by Group in the Item List View
– Filter Items by Group in Reports
– Filter and Sort Items in the Availability Calendar
Setting up User Alerts by Group
Attaching Documents to Groups
Reports on Groups and Subgroups
Using Groups to Add Items in Bundles
Setting up Recurring Services on Groups
Setting up Service Triage on Groups

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Stay On Top of Events with EZRentOut’s Dashboard Calendar

Dashboard Calendar in EZRentOut

You can use the Dashboard Calendar to keep track of all ongoing events, order assignments, active orders, and have a bird’s eye view of equipment rentals and operational workflows.

Stay on top of ongoing and upcoming events

The top of the dashboard displays the count of the following sections of equipment rental management in EZRentOut, explained in subsequent sections: 

  • Orders which are overdue
  • Orders which are due on the current date
  • Active Orders assigned to the users
  • Worth of Orders (completed, booked, rented out, etc.) in ‘–‘ days.

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Guide to EZRentOut Sync and QuickBooks Desktop Integration

Getting Started

EZRentOut Sync enables you to quickly and effortlessly sync EZRentOut data (Taxes, Assets, Inventory, Asset Stock, Customers, Orders & Payments) with QuickBooks (desktop). EZRentOut Sync is a Windows application that runs on your PC side by side with QuickBooks (desktop). This guide will walk through the process of installing and configuring EZRentOut Sync in a few easy steps. We will have you syncing your data with QuickBooks in no time! Continue reading

Webstore for Rentals: Setting up the Online Storefront in EZRentOut

EZRentOut Webstore

Gone are the days of brick-and-mortar storefronts, restricted in their reach, pricing, and convenience to the customer. Webstores are the way forward, revolutionizing the way the rental industry operates, and at the same time helping businesses lower their overheads.
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How to differentiate types of Items in EZRentOut

Types of ItemsWith EZRentOut, you can track items that are rented out as well as items that are consumed/sold. There are 3 types of items in EZRentOut; Assets, Asset Stock and Inventory. With this post, you’ll be able to determine which of your items go under which type. Continue reading