Get Started with EZRentOut

Congratulations on joining EZRentOut!
EZRentOut is a web based tool that will enable you to significantly reduce the workload of managing rentals, tracking equipment, and keeping your customers happy. You can also use our mobile apps (Android, iPhone/iPad) to scan labels to take actions.

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New Features and Updates

Here is what we’ve recently released:


Mobile apps are out! You can work with EZRentOut on the move; using your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Take them for a ride and send in your feedback.


QuickBooks integration add-on has been introduced to seamlessly track your invoices across EZRentOut and QuickBooks. To get started, enable this add on from settings.


EZRentOut now supports advanced bookings. You can reserve an order in advance to ensure that the booked items are available on the arrival of your customer.


Adding items to an order is now much quicker with enhancements to the Quick Add feature workflow. You’ll be able to see the status of the items while adding them as well.

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Using the Label Designer and third party (Avery) labels

EZRentOut enables you to create and edit labels using the Label Designer. To access this, go to More → Printout Templates.

Here, you can edit or delete older templates by clicking the relevant icons in the last column. You can also create a new template by clicking on ‘Add Print Label Template’. This can be done for both items and bundles.

Before we get into that, let’s see what the Label Designer does:

  • State of the art, drag-and-drop based designer. Just grab the data box and move it to the canvas below.
  • The choice of inserting QRCodes, Barcodes or both on the label to use with our mobile device based scanning feature.
  • All of an asset’s pre-defined fields can be printed on the asset label.
  • Similarly, all custom attributes (text, date, paragraph) are available for printing on the asset label.
  • Apply rich formatting to data fields (by double-clicking on the field’s data box)
  • Insert free form text and easily apply styles like fonts, alignment, size, and rotation.
  • Ability to insert your company logo into the label.

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Migrating existing data over to EZRentOut, a no brainer! [Archived]

An updated version of this blog is available here.

Many of our customers moved to EZRentOut from ‘old school’ solutions like Microsoft Excel or custom desktop applications. To make this process simple and easy, we’re constantly enhancing our migration tools to make this pain free.

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