Importing Locations into EZRentOut – Equipment Rental Software

Importing Locations to EZRentOut

Equipment rental software can help you quickly make sense of all the locations and sublocations associated with your rental equipment. You can import all these helpful details into EZRentOut using our handy import wizard.


1. Importing New Locations
2. Updating Existing Locations
3. Importing Sublocations
4. Adding Documents, Images and Comments

Before you start, it would be helpful to go through this quick guide on importing basics.

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Adding Multiple Shipping and Pickup Locations in EZRentOut

online rental softwareConvenience for customers is the utmost priority for any rental business, and we know what crucial part locations play in this case. Shipping Locations are currently linked to the contact person (individual customer) instead of businesses in EZRentOut. Associating multiple locations to customers within an online rental software is no more a hassle for our users. Continue reading