Taking Pricing Snapshots with Rental Software

Our rental software supports to ability to take Pricing Snapshots for ease in order management. Read on to learn more.


What is a Pricing Snapshot?

This feature enables you to freeze the rental rates of order items at the point the items were added to an order. This allows pricing consistency by ensuring changes to rental rates do not change these rates within orders.

Getting started

To start off, go to Settings → Company Settings → Policy → Pricing and Payments in Orders. Choose the setting highlighted below: Continue reading

Rental Pricing in EZRentOut

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Rental Pricing in EZRentOut

EZRentOut offers flexible ways to set up pricing. The pricing model requires that each Asset (and Asset Stock entry) have its individual rental rates.
Let’s take the example of a bike rental shop where we have Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, and Beach Cruisers. We’ll use different rate examples to show how they can be laid out.

Using the table below, determine the pricing structure that you have, and then jump directly to the relevant section.

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