Track Work Order Costs with EZRentOut

Work orders help in assigning tasks to be performed, specifying completion dates and other necessary instructions. Even though this benefits in assessing the performances of employees, it is also important to track Work Order Costs. This can help businesses flexibly calculate a particular cost incurred for each task. Managing multiple work order costs accurately can result in overall efficiency for your business. 

Automate your work order costs with EZRentOut. Let’s have a look at how you can implement this feature:

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EZRentOut Introduces Graphs in Custom Reports: Get Insightful Visualization of Data


EZRentOut has introduced a new capability to the powerful Custom Reports feature. Now you can plot selected data from Custom Reports and generate insightful graphs making it easier to interpret large datasets and extensive reports. Whether you want to do a comparative analysis or look at trends across the organization, you can use graphs to display information for  internal use as well as outside the organization. 

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[How to] Enable Credit Card Payments through Stripe Terminal with EZRentOut

Terminals for Stripe and EZRentOut enable point of sale (POS) transactions when your customers rent out or return the items. By integrating EZRentOut with a Stripe payment gateway, you can now charge the credit card payments at the POS terminals easily. As we have provided the terminal support by Verifone P400, you just have to enable Stripe terminal, connect it with EZRentOut and make the transactions.

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Automate Tasks, Improve Productivity with the EZRentOut and Zapier Integration

EZRentOut now offers a seamless integration with Zapier.  An online automation application, Zapier links two business applications together so if you update information in one, the other gets updated automatically. This enables you to eliminate repetitive time-consuming tasks and increase productivity across your organization. 

Here is a complete guide on how to integrate with Zapier, the benefits of the integration, and the workflows it supports within EZRentOut. 

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