Integrating Google Analytics and Tag Manager with Your EZRentOut Webstore

Integrating Google Analytics and Tag Manager with Your EZRentOut Webstore

Setting up an online store is difficult but you’re wasting your developmental hours if you aren’t tracking how customers interact with your store. Are customers able to find everything they need, are they leaving the page without renting items out, is the payment processing user-friendly – all these are important questions about your store and directly impact your online revenue.

Luckily, you can answer these questions and others by integrating Google Analytics with your EZRentOut Webstore. This integration enables you to study and understand customer behavior so you can continually enhance online renting for them.

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Trackunit Integrates with EZRentOut for Seamless GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking with EZRentOut and Trackunit Integration

Keeping track of hundreds of assets as they move from one location to another can be a handful. Rental companies regularly lose items in transit when they can’t access their real-time location. What’s worse is that the risks rise exponentially as your fleet grows and as more locations come into play.

These inefficiencies eventually bleed into item unavailability and fewer rental orders. This is why EZRentOut is now integrating with Trackunit to provide you with reliable GPS tracking. Now, track the current location of your assets, from the office or the road!

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[How-to] configure secure LDAP on Azure AD Domain Services

ldap for azure ad

Network administrators use Active Directories to streamline maintenance processes within large organizations. Instead of having to perform updates manually, a network admin can update one object in a single process.

Active Directories are also used to allow or deny access to applications by the end-user through the network trees. They help in keeping a large network organized and maintained. And you can do this without having to perform each task through an individual process.

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Location Barcode Management with EZRentOut

Location bardcode management with EZRentOut

Keeping track of all your Assets spread across various locations can be a real hassle and a time-consuming process. For better location barcode management, EZRentOut enables you to add and track different locations in a more efficient manner.

Furthermore, with an effective location barcode management system in place, you can also keep up with complex location labeling practices.

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Keep Track of all Rental KPIs with Advanced Dashboard in EZRentOut

Track Rental KPIs with EZRentOut’s Advanced Dashboard

Performance analysis is critical for the success of any business, rental or otherwise.

The Advanced Dashboard in EZRentOut enables businesses to closely track key metrics by providing a snapshot view of all asset-related activities. This makes it easy to monitor business progress at all times!

Access data points that matter to you right when you log in to your account! With EZRentOut, you can discern what needs to be tended to right off the bat.

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Whitepaper: Executing Education Rental Management Workflows

education rental management

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This whitepaper discusses the difficulties prevalent in the education equipment rental industry, and how equipment rental software features designed for academic institutes can help you overcome them. We will also visit some education equipment rental workflows that are most used by EZRentOut Customers to improve Inventory and Order management.
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