Troubleshooting Common QuickBooks Desktop Integration Issues with EZRentOut

equipment rental software and QuickBooks integration

Are you facing an error if you try to sync  QuickBooks Desktop with your EZRentOut account? This blog will take you through some common issues you might face when integrating QuickBooks with our equipment rental software, and tell you how to resolve them in no time!

Common Errors:

1. A general overview
2. QuickBooks is already running
3. The tax rates are not set up
4. The account doesn’t match or exist
5. The API key is wrong
6. The customers are duplicating
7. Mapping similarly named items
8. I can’t find my error log file
9. The company file does not allow for Sales Tax to be charged
10. The program file isn’t installing
11. I cannot access third-party applications in QuickBooks
12. Payment data sync errors
13. Syncing Businesses from EZRentOut to QuickBooks
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