How Cloud Based Rental Software Enhances Your Rental Operations

How cloud based rental software enhances your rental operations

Whichever industry they operate in, businesses are always on the lookout for that sweet competitive edge. This is especially true for rental businesses since they contend with excessive competition.

Leading rental companies are always ensuring that they’re current with the latest technological trends to stay in the game. Cloud based rental software is one such tool that helps rental businesses optimize their workflows and offer the best rental experience to their customers.

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A Guide to Procuring Equipment for Your Party Rental Business

A guide to procuring equipment for your party rental business

Running a party rental business has become a popular venture in recent years. This doesn’t come as a surprise as planning events is an extensive process which is full of why people like to hire third-party planners. It generally has to do with renting out party equipment such as lighting, AV, staging and seating equipment, and silverware and flatware.

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The Different Kinds Of Rental Insurance You Should Know About

Types of Rental Insurance

With increasing competition and a need for better mobility of rental goods, rental businesses face many challenges today. Businesses rent out their equipment to all sorts of customers, each of whom use it differently. Since customers don’t shoulder the burden of ownership for a rental item, they don’t have to concern themselves with its maintenance.

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QuickBooks Rental Software for Businesses with Financial Woes

Why does your business need QuickBooks rental software?

Integrating QuickBooks with a cloud based rental software neatly trims the accounting landscape of your business. It doesn’t matter if you rent out furniture, party supplies or heavy construction equipment, QuickBooks rental software reconciles your bookkeeping data in seconds!

It comes in both desktop and online versions that are compatible with most of the rental software out there.

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2018 In Review For EZRentOut: The Leading Equipment Rental Software

rental software

The leading rental software got upgraded in 2018

Equipment renting became better with EZRentOut in 2018.

The past year, we worked hard to bring you intuitive features so you can say goodbye to your rental woes and offer the best rental experience to your customers.

There were a number of updates released to enhance the functionality of our software. Here is everything we achieved in 2018!

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