The Rental Beat: EZRentOut Feature Release January 2018

ezrentout feature release online rental softwareEZRentOut Feature Release – January 2018 Edition

Over the last few months, EZRentOut has released a slew of valuable features to help you centralize your rental management and make behind-the-scenes monitoring a lot more efficient. We’ve also focused a lot on enabling you to communicate with your customers more effectively, and giving them a host of new options – whether it’s online payments, language support, or Webstore bookings. Continue reading

The Rental Beat: Feature Release September 2017 – Equipment Rental Software

equipment rental softwareThis month, our equipment rental software is all about offering you greater control over your rental business! Add security deposits and damage waivers, take pricing snapshots to manage rental rates, and create dynamic lists for orders. We also have nifty new Square and Braintree integrations to expand your Point of Sale options.
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Your EZRentOut experience just got better, faster and more secure


We recently did an infrastructure upgrade to bring you an even better EZRentOut experience.

We’ve moved to upgraded set of servers that are significantly faster, where computational power has more than doubled. You will notice that all actions, including reports and excel imports, have become even faster.

We’re now on Rails 4.2 and Ruby 2.2 (latest versions). This means you’ll be able to receive next generation features and experience better performance.

At EZRentOut, we go an extra mile to ensure that your data is secure. We’ve introduced a number of fresh security improvements. The application is now completely on HTTPS*, which means all data transfer is encrypted. The password policy has been upgraded as well and now requires new passwords to have both numbers and alphabets.

*Switch to HTTPS is seamless. However if you’re experience some connectivity hiccups, contact your network admin to ensure that the proxy/gateway settings do not impede HTTPS traffic.