Consolidated Invoices in EZRentOut

By default, all invoicing on EZRentOut is done for single orders. However, certain businesses may prefer receiving a singular invoice for all their orders. This simplifies order referencing and is possible with EZRentOut’s consolidated invoices.

Generate consolidated printouts for multiple orders – be it a recurring order or a business or customer order.

A consolidated invoice for a customer includes complete details for all orders in a set duration. It acts as a customer statement to remind them of outstanding invoices and their account activity.

Let’s see how you can utilize these in EZRentOut.

1. Printing consolidated invoices

1.1. For orders

To access a consolidated invoice for an order, go to Orders, choose the relevant order and click on ‘View’ from the Recurrence section.

Opening recurrence from an order

This redirects you to the relevant recurrence page, from where you can follow the same steps as discussed in Section 1.2.

1.2. For recurring orders

To access a consolidated invoice for a recurring order, go to Orders → Recurrences tab → Click a recurring order and hit ‘Print Consolidated Invoice’ to generate a single invoice for all or multiple selected recurring orders.

Print consolidate invoice for recurring orders

When you click the ‘Print Consolidated Invoice’ button, an overlay appears. Here, you can choose which template you want to use. You can also select whether you want to email the invoice to the customer or want to save the PDF to the Customer’s documents.

Overlay for choosing template

Once you hit the ‘OK’ button, a downloadable PDF file pops up. This is what it looks like:

Consolidated invoices printed

Apart from generating a consolidated invoice from the Orders Details page or Recurrence Details page, you can also generate it from the following pages:

  • Business Details page
  • Customer Details page

2. Email consolidated invoices to customers/businesses

When printing the consolidated invoice, you can also choose to email it to the customer. When you select the ‘Send as an email to the customer’ option, the overlay expands to ask for further details. A PDF of the consolidated invoice is created and then automatically attached to the email.

email details for consolidated invoices

3. Consolidated invoices in printout templates

You can also customize the consolidated invoice template as you wish. To do so, go to More → Printout Templates → Orders tab and select the ‘Clone and Edit’ icon to customize the template. You can also choose a default printout type that will be pre-selected when you click ‘Print Order’ from an Order Details page.

Clone and edit template

Once you hit the ‘Clone and Edit’ button, you can add, delete or customize the following sections of a consolidated invoice as you wish:

Overview of consolidated invoice

By default, the ‘Attached Orders’ section is hidden and does not get printed on the invoice. If you wish to print this section, click on the three dots at the bottom right that are highlighted below:

Print the attached orders

Clicking on the dots opens up the following dialog box:

Show attached orders section

Choose the ‘Show section’ option and don’t forget to hit the ‘OK’ button to save the changes.

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