How Dumpster Rental Software Benefits Your Business

Over the past five years, the dumpster rental industry has seen tremendous growth in the US. It is now earning an annual revenue of $394 million. As the name suggests, dumpster rental companies offer trash disposal services to residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Customers rent out roll-off trucks and dumpsters of various sizes for construction cleanups and yard rubbish removal. An example is Waste Management, Inc. that recently made it to the Fortune 500 list, taking advantage of the old adage “there’s cash in your trash”.

However, running a dumpster rental company requires dedicated effort. From finding reliable truck drivers and accurate bookkeeping to tracking the entire rental fleet, you need to keep a close eye on every aspect of your business.

handle trash with dumpster rental software

Dumpster rental software is a reliable solution to all the rental management problems that dumpster rentals face. It helps you keep tabs on all your orders and business tasks. It even streamlines the equipment maintenance process for you.

A flat tire or broken dumpster should not worry you anymore. From route planning and inventory tracking to reporting and pickup scheduling, dumpster rental software has you covered.

Here are some features of dumpster rental software that allow seamless management of your rental business.

GPS Tracking

Often times, customers do not return a dumpster in time. To top that off, it is not easy to trace its location or the driver. Most dumpster rental software solutions are equipped with GPS tracking so you can monitor the exact location of your drivers and rental fleet.

This technology is extremely handy for tracing down dumpster trucks that are not returned in time or are stolen or misplaced. Let’s say you rented out a roll-off truck to a remote construction site. This place doesn’t have street signs yet and is difficult to locate manually.

A GPS tracking system can pinpoint the exact coordinates of this construction site and give you a pathway to follow to reach the said site. Dumpster rental software allows you to extract the current location of an item as soon as you enter its model name or identification number.

In this way, you can pull down chances of theft whilst tracking the real-time location of all your drivers. You can use this information to plan the quickest route for drivers, check who is running behind schedule, and make needed adjustments to streamline the whole rental process.

Route optimization

Route Optimization

Dumpster rental companies dispatch their trucks to various locations on a daily basis. Therefore, planning out the shortest route for drivers is an important task for them. With an ever-increasing need for quick delivery and surging fuel prices, picking the fastest route is a top priority.

Dumpster rental software offers route management integrated with Google Maps. It highlights the pick up and delivery location for all your orders. Google Maps then picks the fastest route for each order and conveys it to your drivers.

Mobile application based software makes this even easier as drivers always have the pathways on their fingertips. Cut down the time you spend optimizing routes by automating the whole process and save fuel costs on gas guzzling trucks.

It also shows a visual representation of all your routes and orders so you can track how well your business is performing in a specific area. Shortest routes mean less delivery time and more satisfied customers.

If your drivers do not have access to stable internet connectivity, the software also allows you to print stop-by-stop driving directions for an entire route or service location helping them to remain on track all the time.  With dumpster rental software, you don’t have to deal with poor navigation issues anymore.

Maintenance management

Maintenance management

Reusable assets like dumpsters require frequent maintenance. This includes both preventive maintenance and repair of damaged inventory. The rental software’s maintenance module helps you track the operational status of your entire fleet.

It also allows you to track the maintenance history of every truck so you know which items require maintenance and when. Timely maintenance can greatly extend the lifespan of high-ticket dumpsters so you don’t have to replace them time and time again.

To be reused, dumpsters need to go through thorough inspection, cleaning, re-labeling and filling. With the software, you can gauge if your dumpsters are ready to be rented out again or which level of maintenance is needed.

You can even rename the statuses to clean, dirty, empty or full if you like. The maintenance records are stored in an online cloud so you do not need to run after keeping a paper trail.  

With real-time updates, you instantly know when maintenance is due or how frequently each item is serviced. The software also sends regular alerts to remind you of due service sessions so you never miss out on your maintenance routine.

Performance reporting

Performance reporting with dumpster rental software

Your business is only going to succeed if you achieve quick turnover from your dumpsters. If you don’t have the most up-to-date tools, you are extremely likely to lose track of your assets. Idle dumpsters will just rest in storage while draining your pockets.

Dumpster rentals often don’t know the whereabouts of their assets. With the software, they can run detailed reports that allow performance tracking of the drivers and dumpsters at each site.

You can also spot idle dumping containers to either dispatch them to order sites or dispose of them. This prevents your financial resources from being tied up in unused inventory.

You need solid data insights to uncover holes in the profitability and efficiency of your dumpster rental business. In this pursuit, measure the following metrics.

  • Cost per route
  • Driver productivity
  • Number of unused containers
  • Profit per dumpster
  • Cost of ownership per dumpster

Dumpster rental software provides reports and statistics on all these and more. It notifies you of all paid and unpaid invoices, billing reminders and job schedules so you have a comprehensive view of your business.

Take your business out of the dumps with dumpster rental software

Long gone are the days when small businesses were handled manually. If you want to take your business out of the dumps, invest in a reliable dumpster rental software system. Gain complete control of all your orders, rental fleet, workers and routes, and automate dumpster tracking.

Not only that, most software systems now offer online store functionality. This allows you to display the entire catalog of your rental fleet so customers can pick and choose whatever they like.

From route optimization to performance reporting, dumpster rental software makes sure that your dumpsters never encounter any roadblocks!

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