Electronic Signatures on Rental Agreements, Quotes and Invoices

CapturePrintouts generated in EZRentOut can now be electronically signed. These printouts include Rental Agreements, Invoices, Quotations, Packing Lists, and Receipts.

1. From More → Order Printouts, edit the printout templates you need to get signatures on. You can also create new ones if you like.

Invoices in EZRentOut

2. Let’s say you’re editing/adding an invoice template in Order Printouts. Go to Details After Line Items and click the +Add option.

Invoice Designer with Rental Management Software3. Elements list will pop up. Choose Signature Pad from the options listed. Signatures in Rental Invoices4. By clicking the three dots right under +Add, you can choose to have a single column design, which looks better.CaptureCapture15. You can use the Free Text element to add any Rental Agreement/Terms and Conditions in the Details After Line Items section.Sign Now Rental Agreement

6. Save the template.

1. Say, Brandon Sal walks in for a rental order.
2. You pull up his order (say it’s Order # 10) on your PC/Mac/iPad, and hit the Print Order button.
3. On the Print Order pop up, you can choose the invoice (or any other print out) that has signature padPrint Rental Order EZRentOut4. You can also choose to have it attached with the order, and have it visible to Brandon when he signs into his EZRentOut Portal.
5. Click the Sign and Print Out button. The invoice will open in a new tab, with the signature pad where you had put it while making the templateSign Here6) Brandon can use the mouse, trackpad, or the jot pad (if you have it attached), to draw his signatures in this area. He can also type his name or other details in the Print Name area. If you’re using the iPad, he can just sign using a stylus or his finger. Capture127) You can then tap Save as PDF button to get the PDF Invoice, and email to Brandon or print.

If you’re operating a Point of Sale, the recommended workflow is:
1) Sign into your EZRentOut portal in Safari on your iPad
2) You can keep working with EZRentOut on the PC/Mac while keeping the iPad for the customers to use.
3) When a customer walks in, make their order or charge payments from your PC/Mac
4) To get signatures; pick up the iPad, type in ? followed by the order number in the search bar (using EZRentOut in Safari and not the mobile app). For example, if it’s Order #10, you’ll type in ?10. This will directly take you to Order #10
5) Now hit Print Order, choose a print out type/template, and check the ‘Save with this order’ option.
6) The Print Out (invoice, agreement etc.) will open
7) Give the iPad to the customer to sign
8) Finally hit the ‘Save PDF’ button to save the print out


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