Import Item Information From Excel To Cloud Database with EZRentOut

Importing items to EZRentOut

It is fairly sweet and simple to migrate item data to your EZRentOut database. All you need is your Items’ data in the excel sheets.


1. What can be imported?
2. Import items to EZRentOut
3. How to avoid problems during import?
4. Items to import
5. Upload Excel sheet
6. Before and after view
7. Bulk import summary

What can be imported?

You can import the following data into your EZRentOut account:

  • Assets
  • Asset Stock
  • Inventory
  • Customers (explained in a separate post)

When importing item information, you can also create groups, locations, and vendors these items are associated with.
Note: You can import a maximum of 1,000 records at a time.

Import items to EZRentOut

The process is virtually the same for importing assets, asset stock and inventory. You can also import additional data and make changes to existing items. Before importing your data to EZRentOut prepare your excel sheet:

  1. First step should be determining which columns in your Excel sheet map to which fields in EZRentOut. There are multiple fields available to choose from, which may end up confusing you. To help with that, we have prepared a field mapping guide for this exact purpose.
  2. If there are certain fields that you need but aren’t preent in EZRentOut, you can simply create custom fields for them before the import.

How to avoid problems during import

Follow these rules to avoid running into problems during the import:

  • There should not be any merged cells in your excel sheet.
  • There should be only one excel sheet in the file you’re uploading. If your items are spread across various sheets within the same file, split these sheets into separate excel files.
  • All dates should be in mm/dd/yyyy format.
  • For yes/no fields e.g. Retire?, put yes against the assets that should be in the retired state when imported.
  • Asset Identification Numbers (if you’re using them) need to be unique. Ensure that there is no repetition of an Identification Number in your excel sheet. Moreover, they should only contain Alphabets and Numbers (no special characters, spaces etc).
  • All names should be at least 3 characters long. For example, if you have a vendor called ‘HP’, rename it to ‘HP Laptops’.
  • When importing inventory records, if you are specifying the quantity to be added to stock, Stock Price column must also be mapped.

Items to import

Import Assets from Items -> Assets -> Import from Excel Sheet ->Add New Assets. Asset Stock and Inventory import follows the same general pattern. See image below:Import Items Page

Upload Excel sheet

  1. If your goal is to do excel imports multiple times, you may want to create a Mapping Template from New Import Template ->Map Columns -> Create Bulk Import Template so that it can be used in the future whenever you need it. Sample files are uploaded for your ease. All Custom fields are visible in the wizard when mapping the data columns. See image below:
    Bulk Import Template to Import Items
  2. Or you can directly map the columns after you upload the excel sheet. Map columns in the same way as shown above.
  3. Once you’ve uploaded the excel sheet through a template, you’ll see a preview of the import. If not using a template, you’ll see the preview after mapping the columns. If you are satisfied with how your items turned out after mapping the data, click the Import button.

Preview Import
Note: Depending on your file size the uploading process might take some time. Do not take any action on the import wizard while the import is in progress. You can, however, continue to work with EZRentOut in a new tab/window. You may want to grab a cup o’joe or check out some videos in the meanwhile.

Before and after view

By using the ‘Import Items’ wizard, you will be able to push the mapped data into the EZRentOut Cloud and populate your new account. Here is a screenshot of how your data may look when imported from Excel file to mapping (Preview image before final import) and then to your EZRentOut account:Before and After View

Bulk Import Summary

Import summary email is sent to the user every time an import is attempted. Issue(s) are also highlighted in case there is a failure during the import process. See image below:Bulk Import Summary emailBulk Import Summary_Failure On the horizon: Bulk Import for Documents/Images feature

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