Nested Subgroups in EZRentOut

nested subgroups

All Item Groups created in EZRentOut can be seen on a tree view, giving you a hierarchical view of subgroups. A group can have many subgroups inside it. With subgroups (aka nested subgroups or hierarchical subgroups), you can have unlimited levels of nested subgroups, which among other things can help you to:

  • Since every group can have its own visibility level, you are able to utilize groups and subgroups for different purposes under the same umbrella.
  • For large teams, subgroups make it potentially easier to separate permissions or access. Useful when Multistore listings are enabled in Company Settings.
  • Make it easier to manage people and control visibility. Give people different permissions depending on their group association.

Create a Subgroup

Let’s start with the basics.

  • To create a subgroup, go to Items → Group listing page → Select a ‘Group’ → Click ‘Add Subgroup’ button from the right.
  • A dialog box will appear. In this dialog box, you have the option to nest this subgroup (as a child subgroup) under another subgroup (aka parent subgroup).
  • To assign assets to groups or subgroups, go to the item details page from Items → Assets → Select an Item → Click ‘Edit’. You can also associate groups to items when adding new items in the system. The same method can be applied to asset stock and inventory items.

Learn more about organizing groups in EZRentOut.

Visual Data – Nested Subgroups

Nested Subgroups are mapped in the Items Page → Groups tab → Choose a Group. Here you can toggle between the list view and the tree view. See image below:

Clicking a subgroup (also called parent subgroup) in the list view will take you to its page where you can view all the nested subgroups associated with it. In the tree view, clicking a subgroup with a ‘+’ icon beside it will make it expand into the next set of nested subgroups.

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