Offer Item-Level Discounts in EZRentOut

Item Level Discounts in EZRentOut

EZRentOut has released a new feature that enables you to offer discounts with more flexibility. Instead of giving a flat discount on the entire order, you can now apply individual discounts on each item with Item-Level Discounts.

For example, let’s assume you are running a construction rental company. You have two new excavators and one that has been in use for a while. Your client is looking to rent all three for an upcoming project and you want to charge different rental rates for them. Now you can use Item-Level Discounts to give a discount on the older excavator in the order.

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6 Ways Medical Equipment Rental Software Can Boost Your Business

The global medical equipment rental market size is projected to reach $65 million by 2026, according to a new report by Acumen Research and Marketing. From individual clients to clinics and hospitals, the range of customers in the industry is diverse.

The market, especially within the US, is thriving because of the increasing number of private clinics with equipment requirements. Also, hospitals are opting to rent expensive medical equipment instead of leasing or buying.

This offers them budget flexibility. For example, due to rapid developments in technology and the need to upgrade quickly, many hospitals may choose to rent costly equipment that they intend to replace in a few months. 

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Charge Line Item Damages in EZRentOut

Charging line item damages in EZRentOut

Damaged items are a common concern for rental businesses. Depending on the value of the item and the extent of damage, it can be a significant cost for businesses. Not to mention the time and resources you put into repairs. EZRentOut already allows you to charge customers for any damages on their entire order. With our new feature – Line Item Damages – you can now charge customers for damages on an item level.

For example, let’s assume there’s an order that contains two assets: Nikon D3500 and a spare rechargeable battery. When the customer returns the order, the camera is slightly damaged. Our new feature enables you to charge damages only on this particular item and not the entire Order.

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EZRentOut Will Be at The ARA Show 2020 in Orlando: Visit Us for Demos and Discounts!

ARA Show 2020

The EZRentOut team is excited to attend The ARA Show in Orlando, Florida, from February 10 – 12. We are offering in-depth demos and discounts at the American Rental Association’s annual convention and trade show for the equipment and event rental industry. With over 700 exhibitors, hundreds of networking opportunities, and rental specific education, we hope to see you at one of the premier rental industry events of the year.

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5 Tips to Make Your Party Rental Business Successful in 2020

Tips for businesses looking for party rental ideas in 2020

If you are in the party rental business then you know it’s no party. Like all businesses, the key to success is hard work and daily dedication to your customers – no shortcuts. Also, it is a competitive market with increasingly innovative ideas propelling businesses to success. So how do you create an impact?

Whether you are new and looking to make your place in the market, or trying to take your business to the next level, you are likely to face multiple challenges.

Here are five tips that can help your party rental business achieve success in 2020.

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Settle Security Deposits in Orders

Settle your security deposit in Orders

Let’s say you run car rentals and have a customer who’s renting out a car. A car is a high-ticket asset, so it makes sense if you want the customer to deposit some security against it. The security deposit is important, especially in the rental industry. It serves as an assurance that even if the customer doesn’t return the item, you can at least use the deposit to recoup the lost rental income.

EZRentOut now gives you the ability to settle security deposit payments against rented out Orders. Let’s dive deeper to learn more about settling security deposits.

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