It’s Time For Rental Businesses to Pull Up Their Socks

rental industry challenges

The equipment rental industry has consistently expanded over the last couple of years and 2019 is going to be no different. However, with changing trends and rapid growth, several new rental industry challenges have come the way of rental businesses.

In order to keep up with the times, equipment rental owners need to understand what awaits them this year. Carefully watching changing trends and competitor strategies are going to help you stay afloat this year so be ready to pull up your socks! Continue reading

Equipment Rental Industry Trends for 2019: A Great Year Ahead

quipment Rental Industry trends 2019

What’s it like to sit on the sidelines and watch a building burn to ashes? Equipment rental companies probably know. While world economies fluctuate and new reforms crush various industries, the equipment rental industry continues to enjoy steady growth.

So what does 2019 have in store for rental business owners? Rental revenue is expected to grow by 5.5% this year after which it may experience a minor fall. That makes 2019 a great year to make the most of the increase in rental engagement patterns. Continue reading

8 Adventure Rentals You Need to Feature in Your Rental Catalog

adventure rentals

Thrill seekers love renting out adventure gear! Since most adventure sports require pricey specialized gear, it normally costs a lot of money to purchase gear for a recreational activity that most people only get to indulge in for a handful of times a year. Rentals, on the other hand, are simple, cheap and come with no strings attached.

While the adventure sports arena is vast, there are certain popular activities that keep bringing business the way of adventure rental companies. Extensively catering to these activities is a clever way of ensuring that your business thrives all around the year. Continue reading

Rental Asset Labels: Design, Materials, and Recommendations

Rental Asset Labels

The need for rental asset labels

Most rentals inventories have a large number of products in order to cater to surging or unpredictable demand. These sizable product lines can make business optimization a difficult task. 

Maybe you’re trying to decide which rentals need maintenance. Looking through your logs, you realize no one properly filed the rentals returned from servicing last week against their proper IDs. With more products under your belt, managing items becomes much more complicated. You introduce vulnerabilities into your system and end up with inefficient processes.

There really is no excuse for putting up with lost items, wasted time, and unreliable reporting. This is why any and all rental companies should be looking into better inventory management processes. So, how can this be fixed? Continue reading

Integrated Email in EZRentOut

Integrated Email

The Integrated Email feature enables you to manage all your Order Emails using EZRentOut. Order Emails are emails relating to individual Orders that are sent to and received from customers.

The ability to manage these on EZRentOut means you can view customer queries, update Orders accordingly, and then respond to customers – right from the Order Details Page. This streamlines the rental process and allows you to be a lot more responsive when it comes to your rental business. Continue reading

6 Handy Tips for Storing and Organizing Your AV Equipment

av equipment

Organizing inventory is extremely critical for any business. A lot of thought goes into choosing the right kind of storage methods, optimizing storage space, and settling on an inventory management budget. While many inventory items can be boxed, stacked, and put away, AV equipment requires special care and meticulous organization in order to prolong its life. Continue reading

EZRentOut November 2018 Release Notes

This November, we developed a host of features to give your rental business more flexibility. This includes adding Multi-Store Listings, customizable Order Month Durations, and more. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Multi-Store Listing

Companies can now manage all their departments, stores, and divisions from a single EZRentOut account. Our Multi-Store Listing ensures data consistency, accurate aggregate reporting, and efficient order management for all your stores from one place! Continue reading

The EZRentOut Print Labels Knowledge Base

Print Labels EZRentOut

Most rental companies house a lot of assets for steady business. Keeping track of these assets is tough, and sorting them out for deliveries and maintenance even tougher. For this purpose, having a uniform method of identification helps companies manage their rental assets more efficiently. EZRentOut allows you to print unique labels for all of your assets. Let’s see how. Continue reading

The Benefits of Having an Online Rental Webstore

Rental webstore

With online buyers hitting 1.6 billion by the end of 2017, rental businesses have quickly embraced the e-commerce platform. With a rental webstore, clients have an accessible, cost-effective and convenient alternative for renting. E-commerce sales keep increasing every year and a majority of buyers now prefer buying online over having to make a long trip to the store.

If you want to increase profit margins, reduce business operating costs and increase your sales, build your online presence and start an online rental store right now! Moving your data to the cloud provides access to real-time and accurate data and makes it easier to set up a webstore as well. Let’s see how an online rental store can benefit your business. Continue reading