Integrating QuickBooks Online with EZRentOut

Quickbooks online

This blog is for our QuickBooks Online Integration. You can also read the blog on our QuickBooks Desktop Integration, or learn more about Troubleshooting QuickBooks Online Integration Issues with EZRentOut.

Connecting to QuickBooks

Start by connecting your EZRentOut and QuickBooks accounts.

1) From Settings, go to Add Ons → Integrate QuickBooks.

2) Click the connect button.Connect EZRentOut with QuickBooks3) Intuit App Center pop-up will appear. To ‘authorize Intuit to securely share your data to EZRentOut’, hit the Authorize button. This will connect EZRentOut and QuickBooks.authorize QB

Note: If you’re signed into QuickBooks before attempting this step, that will process things quicker.

4) Once you’ve signed in, you’d be asked to specify the Chart of Accounts for Sales, Payments, and items.
Choose Quickbooks accounts

5) The next step is syncing your taxes.

Before you start, it is important to know how to handle Manual Sales Tax and Automated Sales Tax in QuickBooks. For a detailed guide on the differences between these two, click here.

To begin syncing taxes, go to Settings → Add Ons → Integrate Quickbooks Online → Sync Taxes From QuickBooks:

This causes customer invoices to sync, pulling the tax from QuickBooks to EZRentOut. If changes are made to the order, you will be shown a message to manually sync the taxes again to update the rate:

You can do this using the ‘Sync Taxes from QuickBooks’ button to the right of the order:

sync taxes from QuickBooks

Please note that this manual sync will delete all the taxes applied to the order within EZRentOut, and sync the tax over from QuickBooks. The order will then be synced directly to QuickBooks.

And these are the 5 main steps to getting set up with QuickBooks online. Read on to find out how things map between the two platforms.

How things map

EZRentOut manages rental and sale transactions through Orders. An order can go through various stages and is always associated with a customer. There is also an invoice attached to an order. You charge payments, apply taxes, add discounts, give refunds etc. in orders.

This is how mapping works from EZRentOut to QuickBooks:

EZRentOut QuickBooks Location in QuickBooks
Items Services Settings icon –> Products and Services
Orders Invoices Transaction –> Sales
Customers Customers Side panel
Payments Payments Transaction –> Sales

You can run reports on payments, finances, orders, customers etc. from EZRentOut –> More –> Reports or from QuickBooks –> Reports.

A walkthrough

Let’s begin with an order for Catherine Ross as shown below:Order in EZRentOut This order invoice will appear in QuickBooks once it’s rented out so let’s go ahead and rent it out. The invoice will appear under Sales Transactions in QuickBooks –> Transactions –> Salesopen invoice in QBThe above is an open invoice (not paid) until the order is completed in EZRentOut. The EZRentOut order is added as a QuickBooks transaction. Customer, their address, rent out and due dates also appear here:invoice in QB
From QuickBooks –> Customers, you can see that ‘Catherine Ross’ has been added here:Customers in QB

When you charge the payment for an order in EZRentOut, the invoice is marked as ‘Partial’ if payment isn’t made in full. Once, you return/complete the order, or charge payment in full, the invoice is marked “Paid” in QuickBooks. A payment transaction is also added with “closed” status:

Invoice and payments in QB

When are details synced

The QuickBooks transaction is automatically synced when an order is:

  • Rented out (based on the setting checked under QuickBooks Online Integration Add On)

  • Returned i.e. marked Paid in QuickBooks.
  • Booked (based on the setting checked under QuickBooks Online Integration Add On). By default, this setting isn’t enabled. Also, when a booked order is cancelled in EZRentOut, it’s invoice is deleted in QuickBooks.
  • You can manually sync any changes made to an order in EZRentOut with QuickBooks when you press ‘Sync Invoice With Quickbooks’ button shown on the order details page. This button becomes available once an order is rented out/booked (based on the settings enabled).
  • Any payment made either in QuickBooks or EZRentOut is synced. It’s a two-way street! (Note: For a payment to sync both ways, an order’s invoice must exist in your EZRentOut’s account)

When renting out an order, the customer is created in QuickBooks if they don’t already exist. Customer details and payments are synced whenever the relevant transactions are synced.

Things to note

  • As mentioned above, any payment made either in QuickBooks or EZRentOut is synced. However, other details i.e. invoices, customers or taxes are pushed from EZRentOut to QuickBooks only. These details are not pulled into EZRentOut from QuickBooks. 
  • When you enable the QuickBooks add-on, a new field appears with customers. It’s called QuickBooks Display Name (Customer –> Edit). All QuickBooks Display Names should be unique. This is automatically taken care of. However, if you change a display name in QuickBooks or EZRentOut, make sure to “Sync with QuickBooks” on the Customer detail page.

Frequently asked questions

I am receiving the error: “Failed to update invoice on Quickbooks: XYZ is deleted or is marked inactive on Quickbooks”. How do I proceed?

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