Managing Sub Rented Items In EZRentOut

Sub rented Items

Many small to midsize rental businesses keep a limited rental fleet, just enough to satisfy their current order requirements. Often times, Customers may order in bulk and rental businesses may fall short of a certain piece of equipment.

To satisfy such orders, rental businesses usually resort to borrowing (or sub-renting) the short equipment from partner vendors to rent out to their Customers. Sub-renting is an important aspect of rental businesses as it helps them rent/sell ad-hoc items and fulfill impromptu customer requests.

EZRentOut helps you manage such ad-hoc items through its Sub Renting feature. This is useful for items that you don’t want to add in your system and track.

Add Sub Rented Items in a new Order
Add Sub Rented Items in a Drafted Order

Here’s a quick guide on how to add and manage Sub-rented items in your EZRentOut Orders.

First, you must enable the Sub-renting feature from Settings → Add Ons → Order Line Items for Sub-renting → Enabled.

Sub Renting Add On

You can now add Sub Rented items in your Orders.

There are two ways to do this. You can either create a new Order or edit the Order Pricing Table in a Drafted Order.

Note: EZRentOut does not allow you to add Sub Rented Items in Orders that are in Booked or Rented Out state.

Scenario 1: Add Sub Rented Items in a new Order

Let’s start with creating a new Order first.

1. Go to the Orders page and click on the ‘Add Order’ button.
2. Configure details of the relevant Customer and hit ‘Create New Order’.

Create New Order for Sub-renting

This creates a new Order where you can add the requisite Items. With Sub-renting feature enabled, you can see a clickable ‘+New Row’ button in the Order Pricing Table. You can use this to add Sub Rented Items.

3. Click on the ‘+New Row’ button as shown in the image below.

Add New Row

This will pop open an overlay where you can specify whether you want to rent or sell the ad-hoc item.

4. Once you’re done selecting the Item Type, hit ‘Create New Sub Rent Item’.

Item Type Sub rented item

Doing this creates a new row labeled as SR for Sub Rented Items. It has editable free text fields where you configure details of the ad-hoc items.

Free text row

5. Enter the Item #, Name, Description, Current Location, Price, Duration/Quantity of the Sub Rented Item as shown below.

Configure details in SR row

You can clock in the name of the Vendor in the Description column so you know who you sub-rented the item from.  

6. You can now Book or Rent Out this new Order. The Sub Rented Items will display as part of the Order but will not be tracked as part of your Assets by EZRentOut.

Scenario 2: Add Sub Rented Items in a Drafted Order

EZRentOut also enables you to edit the Order Pricing Table of a Drafted Order so you can add Sub Rented Items in it. This helps when Customers request for items after you have drafted an Order for them.

You can achieve this by carrying out the following steps:

1. Go to the Orders page and click on the relevant Drafted Order you want to make the changes to. This leads you to the Orders Detail page where you can add the Sub Rented Items to the Order Pricing Table of the selected Drafted Order.

Add New Row in Drafted Order

2. Repeat steps 3 to 5 from Scenario 1.

3. Book or Rent Out the Order after you’ve formatted details of the ad-hoc items.

The Sub-renting feature in EZRentOut helps you establish flexible CRM policies. With it, you can rule the roost over spontaneous Customer demands and stay a step ahead of your Customers.

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