Square Point of Sale and Online Rental Software: Charge, Swipe and Increase Sales Seamlessly

Square POS

The order experience in EZRentOut is specifically designed keeping the Point of Sale in mind for our online rental software. This includes quick editing of orders, constant feedback as to what’s available, barcode scanner integration and credit card swipe.

The Credit Card Swipe is available with Square, Stripe, Braintree, Moneris, and Authorize.net.

1. Integrating the Square account
2. Setting up the hardware
3. Setting up square POS mobile application
4. Charging payments and swiping cards
5. Syncing Square payments with accounting applications
6. Requesting refunds
7. Troubleshooting common errors

Payment gateways are services that enable users to process credit cards when making online payments. These solutions act as a channel between paying and receiving bank accounts while ensuring security and swift processing.

For information on integrating our online rental software with other payment gateways, click: Authorize.net | Stripe | PayPal | PayPal Payflow | Braintree

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