How to configure SPF records to work with EZRentOut

spf records

In EZRentOut, system generated emails are sent from to customers. By default, emails regarding an equipment return date, or a booking starting date are sent from the EZRentOut domain.

You can choose to send these emails from an email address that belongs to you or your company. You can enable this feature from Settings → Company Settings –> Company Profile → System Generated Emails.

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Using your Company URL to Access your EZRentOut Account and Webstore

Company URLs

This blog tells you how to access your EZRentOut account and Webstore using your company URL.

To do this, you’ll need to configure your company URL to forward traffic to a different address. This is done by setting up a CNAME.

To add a CNAME to your domain, you’ll need to log into your Domain Registrar’s DNS manager. In case you forgot who you bought your domain from, search for your domain at

Below, we outline the steps for adding a CNAME in GoDaddy for the following scenarios.

Please note that the steps may be different if you have a different registrar.

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