Jingle Bells – Holiday Season Feature Release

Happy holidays from everyone here at EZRentOut. Hope you’re having an amazing time.
The promised holiday season release “Jingle Bells” is now live. Do send us your feedback when you try out the new features.
We’re also excited to announce the early availability of our Web Store. You can now publish your rental shop online and open up your business to endless opportunities. Continue reading

New Features and Updates

Here is what we’ve recently released:


Mobile apps are out! You can work with EZRentOut on the move; using your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Take them for a ride and send in your feedback.


QuickBooks integration add-on has been introduced to seamlessly track your invoices across EZRentOut and QuickBooks. To get started, enable this add on from settings.


EZRentOut now supports advanced bookings. You can reserve an order in advance to ensure that the booked items are available on the arrival of your customer.


Adding items to an order is now much quicker with enhancements to the Quick Add feature workflow. You’ll be able to see the status of the items while adding them as well.

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