Bundle Pricing in EZRentOut – Equipment Rental Software

equipment rental softwareThere are flexible ways to set up rental pricing in our equipment rental software – EZRentOut. In addition to specifying rental rates for individual assets/asset stock items, separate rental rates for items in bundles can also be set.

There are two ways in which you can define pricing on bundles:

# Type of pricing Description
1 Discount Each bundle item is given a discount on its rental price e.g. a 10% discount on bundle ‘Beach Photoshoot’ means:

10% discount on rental price of Camera

— 10% discount on rental price of Tripod

— 10% discount on rental price of Lens

2 Flat Pricing Rental rates of the overall bundle are specified e.g. bundle ‘Beach Photoshoot’ can have rental rates as follows:  

— $15 per hour

— $80 per day

— $500 per week

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