Use Custom Fields to Track Items and Orders in Equipment Rental Software

equipment rental softwareFor efficient equipment tracking and rental management, EZRentOut comes with a predefined set of fields. However, we understand that every business is unique and you may need some custom fields as per your specific needs. For this, we provide Custom Fields, which can be used to track any data point with an item or order added to our equipment rental software.

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1) How Do Different Industries Utilize Custom Fields?
2) What Can Be Tracked with Custom Fields in EZRentOut?
3) Adding and Configuring Custom Fields
4) Associating Groups to Custom Fields for Items
5) A Note on Boolean Custom Fields
6) Different Preferences for Different Custom Fields: Items Only

i) Mandatory Custom Fields for New Items
ii) Customizing Rent Out/Return Order and Other Events
iii) Set up Date Alerts
iv) Editable by Staff User Versus Restricting Visibility to Administrators
v ) Save History
vi) Display on Add Stock
vii) More Preferences

7) Deleting Custom Fields
8) Custom Fields View on Item and Order Details Pages
9) Customizing Asset, Asset Stock, and Inventory Details
10) Customizing Items Listing
11) Customizing Order PrintOuts
12) Alerts for Custom Fields
13) Importing Custom Fields
14) Reporting, APIs, and More
15) Custom Fields on the Mobile App Continue reading