5 must-have Equipment Rental Software features to harness Point of Sale

equipment rental software

What is a POS enabled Equipment Rental Software?

No matter what sort of rental business you have, whether it is an AV rental store, a ski shop, car rental, or a book store, you’ll need a business solution that not only manages sales but processes rentals through a point-of-sale point. There are different names for it, but the standard term is called ‘POS’. What does it do? It enables you to track and manage rental orders and related activities from a central repository, a check point where you take payments. An equipment rental software enabled POS solution helps businesses improve rental inventory management, bookings, invoicing, and customer relationships.

It won’t take long before the traditional solutions for managing rentals will be completely outmoded by the easy-to-use and customizable cloud-based equipment rental software. That’s the future! According to a study done in 2014, 69% of businesses are using cloud-based software rather than on-premise. Businesses are opting for cloud-based services over the traditional software mainly because of the way cloud-based software are deployed across the organization. In another survey in 2015, 25% of SMBs in the United States used cloud-hosted services to run their e-commerce systems. Continue reading