Tracking Customers in Rental Management

Tracking Customers in Rental ManagementAt EZRentOut we take pride in introducing features that focus on making you successful. An important part of it is making your customers happy. We do so by enabling you to better interact with all of them.

1. Add customers
2. Cater to walk-in customers
3. Enable login and lead to customer portal
4. Categorize customers
5. Hide customer details that you don’t require
6. Communicate with your customers
7. Upload documents such as undertakings 
8. Use our other features
9. Customize customer listing

1. Add Customers

From the Customers tab, you can view all of your customers, send them emails, and pull up their details.


If you’re migrating to EZRentOut from excel sheets or some other software, all the customer details can be imported using an Excel Sheet.

Import Customers Rental

Please note that Customer IDs act as identifiers in EZRentOut so your excel file should include this field prior to the import. If you haven’t assigned Customer IDs to your customers, make a column in your excel sheet and assign unique identifiers to all customers prior to the import. Here’s what it should look like:

customers csv

2. Cater to walk-in customers

If you entertain new customers day in – day out, the quickest way is to add a new customer is while you are creating an order for them.
Go to the Orders Tab –> Add Order –> Add Customer. 

Adding Rental Order

A New Customer form will appear with a list of information to add for the new entry but only the First and Last names are mandatory. You can choose to record more details such as phone number, category or address (click on the Advanced Fields to expand the form).

You can also choose whether the new customer should be able to log in to see his/her orders, pay online, and receive emails.

Customers Rental

3. Enable login and lead to the customer portal

When adding a customer, you can choose if they can log in or not by checking the ‘enable customer to log in’ option. When selected, it’s mandatory to provide the email address.

Login customers can log in to EZRentOut Customer Portal, see their orders, and pay online.

Customer Portal Settings can be configured from Your name at top right –> Settings –> Customer Settings –> Customer Portal.

In order to get a customer to the Customer Portal, add them as a login customer. Once you do this, they will automatically be sent an invitation email with directions to choose a password.

If you’ve added a login customer but for some reason, the email has been misplaced, ask the customer to:

  1. Go to and hit the Sign In button.
  2. Click the Forgot Password link towards the end of the Sign In form.
  3. Enter the email address to receive an email with directions to choose a password.
  4. Choose a password and get started.

4. Categorize customers

You can group customers into categories as well. Set up the categories from Settings –> Customer Settings –> Categories.Rental CustomersYou can filter the Customer Listing by categories to segment the customers. Discount rules can also be created based on customer categories e.g. all customers in the corporate category get 10% off (Go to More –> Rules).

5. Hide customer details that you don’t require 

You can disable certain fields on the Customer Details Page if you won’t be using them. This way, you can speed up data entry for your staff.

In order to use this feature, you’ll have to enable it from your settings. Go to Settings –> Advanced Settings –> Fields to hide for customers. Choose “Enabled” and select all the attributes that you would like to hide.

disable customers fieldsHere is a complete list of fields that you can disable for the Customer Details Page:

  • First name
  • Description
  • Identification number
  • Category
  • Business/Account
  • Department
  • Display Picture
  • Phone number
  • Fax

6. Communicate with your customers

Email alerts (e.g. informing a customer that their order is due) can be configured from More –> Alerts for Customers. Learn More.

Other than these automated emails, you can send marketing material or offers to your customers. On customers listing, select the customers you’d want to send email to and from Actions, choose ‘Send Email’.Customers - skii

You can also send an email for an order to a customer from the Order Details Page using the Mail button in front of the customer name.Mail Invoice

Apart from general emails, you can send Invoices, Payment Due reminder etc. More emailThese options are only available if the customer has an email address and is subscribed to the email alerts (options on the Customer Details Page).

Get Customers to sign Order Printouts seamlessly

7. Upload documents such as undertakings

You can upload images and documents such as contracts, signed invoices, undertakings etc. to a customer’s details. Go to Customers –> Customer Detail –> Documents in order to do so.

8. Use our other features

Some of the other popular features in the customer module are:

  • Credit Card on file
  • Comments with customers
  • Configuring which customers are not taxed
  • Customer’s photo

9. Customize customer listing

Use a customer listing that works for you. You can customize the Customers Listing to show columns that are important to your workflow. This can be done using these 3 dots:

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Last Updated on 7th January, 2019: Customers can now hide the data field that they don’t require on the Customer Details Page.