Troubleshooting QuickBooks Online Integration Issues with EZRentOut

troubleshooting QuickBooks Online

This guide highlights some common issues that can occur when integrating EZRentOut with QuickBooks Online, and shows you how to fix them for a seamless transfer of data between the two applications.

To learn more about setting up this integration, read our blog on Integrating QuickBooks Online with EZRentOut.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Online Integration Issues

Before you try linking the two accounts, we recommend that you first sign into your QuickBooks account. After this, the following errors could pop up during different points in the integration process:

1. The customer name already exists in QuickBooks

QuickBooks only allows unique Display Names in its customer listings. If your EZRentOut customer listing has more than one customer with the same name, the sync will fail.

You also receive the same error if a business name and a customer name are the same in EZRentOut.

In order to fix this, you will have to edit the QuickBooks Display Name field on the conflicting customer’s detail page from your EZRentOut account. This field only appears once your EZRentOut and QuickBooks accounts are connected.

2. QuickBooks encountered an error while calculating tax 

This error appears if you try syncing an order again, after changing the tax settings for a customer or an item. To fix this problem, try reverting to the original tax settings for the concerned customer or item by going to their detail page and syncing the order again.

3. Unable to update invoice in QuickBooks

Any actions other than creating, updating and deleting payments do not transfer from QuickBooks to EZRentOut. If you receive an error stating that an invoice number is deleted or marked ‘Inactive’, this implies that you are trying to edit invoices from your QuickBooks account. All actions other than creating, updating and deleting payments should be taken from EZRentOut.

An alternate workaround is that you unlink and relink your QuickBooks account from your EZRentOut Settings.

4. Default invoice line items outside the order total not allowing invoices to sync

Default invoice line items that are outside the order total do not sync to QuickBooks. This is because QuickBooks does not allow for any line items outside the order total. If you still want to import these invoices, you will have to set all default invoice line item values to 0, or delete them and sync again.

troubleshooting quickbooks online - default invoice line items

In this example, the Security Deposit invoice line item outside of the order total will have to be set to $0 or deleted using the cross icon on the left.

5. Cannot automatically sync tax

In older QuickBooks versions, you have to manually add taxes to your QuickBooks account. This means you have to replicate the name and rate of all applicable taxes in EZRentOut to your QuickBooks account.

From your EZRentOut account, go to Settings → Company Settings → Policy → Tax Details to view your taxes and their rates.

troubleshooting quickbooks online - taxes in ezr

Now, replicate these taxes to your QuickBooks account.

troubleshooting quickbooks online - taxes in qbo

6. Mapping Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable when integrating EZRentOut and QuickBooks

Under Settings  Add Ons  Integrate QuickBooks Online, ensure that none of the account fields are mapped to Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

troubleshooting quickbooks online - AP and dAP

In the example above, the Rental Income Account is mapped to Accounts Payable. This will generate the following error:
troubleshooting quickbooks online - 1

Another word of caution: always choose all the QuickBooks Accounts manually when configuring the QuickBooks integration from your EZRentOut account. 

troubleshooting quickbooks online - accounts.png

If you directly press Connect, all the accounts will be mapped to Accounts Payable (since it is the first option in the dropdown menu).

These two accounts are reserved for QuickBooks’ internal reporting and hence, cannot be synced over from QuickBooks.

7. There is an error if an EZRentOut Customer has a colon (:) in their name

troubleshooting quickbooks online - colon

If your EZRentOut customer has a colon (:) in their name, you will have to edit their QuickBooks Display Name and remove the colon from it. A colon is used to show a relationship in QuickBooks, which is why using it in names leads to exceptions.

Note: Typewriter apostrophes aren’t supported in QuickBooks and will be edited to a regular apostrophe wherever used.

8. Auto-sync isn’t working or is taking too long

Often times, when you are auto syncing Orders, you might notice that the process takes a long time. 10 Orders may sync in about 2 hours on average, but could even take 6 hours in some cases.

This happens because the QuickBooks API has limitations that restrict instant auto syncs. QuickBooks Online, is in fact, implementing the API throttling changes it announced back in 2016 on August 12, 2019.

These may impact the time taken for Auto Sync to happen. Rest assured, the auto sync will eventually run its course. A summary will be emailed to you at the end.

9. Failed to update invoices in QBO because the item has been marked ‘Inactive’

This error shows up if you created an item in QuickBooks, synced it to EZRentOut, and then made it inactive in QuickBooks. In order to sync again, the item has to be marked as ‘Active’ again on QuickBooks.

troubleshooting quickbooks online - mark active qbo

This should hopefully cover all the issues you could run into when syncing your EZRentOut account to QuickBooks Online. If you have any questions about our integration, feel free to write to us as